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We are proud to be the first stem cell center to be selected to partner with Mastercard and the Medical Tourism Association for their new revolutionary global payments-travel platform. See the press release here.

The PSCI Difference

Unlike most stem cell centers, we carry out rigorous clinical research studies through our 501c3 non-profit research foundation, the FOREM to evaluate the results of treatment and publish our results in PubMed-indexed medical journals. Our research team combines our own research with an unparalleled knowledge of the medical literature to allow us to provide a truly evidence-based approach to stem cell treatment.

Our Medical Doctor "Dream Team"

All our doctors are USA- or UK-trained, experienced, highly skilled, board-certified medical and surgical specialists, unparalleled in the stem cell space. In addition to Dr. Prodromos, these include among others:

Antigua: World-renowned Pain Specialist Kenneth D. Candido MD, professor at the University of Illinois and author of more than 200 scientific publications, Columbia-trained General and Trauma Surgeon Sir Dr. Joseph John MD (knighted by the British Crown) and UK-trained Urologist Adrain Rhudd MD

Athens, Greece: UK-trained Plastic Surgeon Athanasios Athanasiou MD, PhD, UK-trained Pain Specialist Symeon Efthimiades MD, and UK-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon Giorgos Skarpas MD, PhD


Virtually all experts now believe that stem cell infusion using young stem cells is a key part of any anti-aging regimen. We have received recognition for our program. (Read More)


We have seen success treating all of these lung disorders with stem cell treatment. (Read More)


85% of our ASD patients have responded to simple intra-venous mesenchymal stem cell infusion with meaningful improvement in calmness, sleep, and/or verbalization. (Read More)


Simple stem cell epidural, facet and sometimes disc injection, combined with intravenous infusion, is safe, and has shown efficacy in 93% of our treated patients with back and neck pain. (Read More)


Injection of stem cells intravenously is completely safe and has been shown to result in improved neurologic function in most but not all treated patients.(Read More)


Stem cell scalp injections consistently increase hair thickness in males and females. It will not regrow hair in completely bald patients. (Read More)


Mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to improve heart performance: specifically the left ventricular ejection fraction which is decreased in heart failure. (Read More)


Mild to moderate memory loss is a distressing part of the aging process for many. Intravenous stem cell infusion is consistently effective in reducing “brain fog” and improving memory. (Read More)


Multiple sclerosis generally responds well to stem cell infusion using one of two techniques. (Read More)


We have had consistent success treating osteoarthritis of all joints, even bone on bone using stem cells. Most patients are able to avoid surgery. (Read More)


While stem cells can help osteoporosis, we have found that the bioDensity program has been highly effective at arresting and even reversing osteoporosis without drugs. (Read More)


"I've had Raynaud's disease for at least 10 years, and over the last 2 years it seems to have worsened, since Covid, to the point that my hands and finders...(Read More)


Intravenous, and sometimes intra-joint, injections decrease symptoms in most but not all patients. (Read More)


"Over the course of last year, I worked with Dr. Prodromos and his colleague to help me with a severe autoimmune disease called Scleroderma... (Read More)


Injection of stem cells by lumbar puncture is completely safe and has been shown to result in recovery of neurologic function, both motor and sensory, in most but not all treated patients after spinal cord injury. (Read More)


Success can be achieved with simple intravenous infusion, but there is evidence that submucosal injection by colonoscopy can achieve better results – both are available at our center. (Read More)

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