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  • The patient will generally arrive at their treatment site on the day prior to treatment and be taken by private car to their hotel
  • They will travel to the clinic on the day of treatment by private car where treatment will be performed
  • Treatment will consist of intravenous injection in most cases. Intra-venous injection is painless and generally is unaccompanied by any significantside effects
  • Many patients will also have injection into an affected joint. Joint injections are not significantly painful and produce little to no inflammation afterward. In some cases ultra-sound guidance is used.
  • Some patients will have local injection into other affected areas or by lumbar puncture. In all cases only local anesthetic will be used.
  • Some patients will have lipo-aspiration under local anesthetic and their tissue will have isolation of stem cells with immediate reinjection.
  • Some patients may feel transiently “light headed”. This usually resolves within 5 – 10 minutes.