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Now in Athens, Greece


Vitro Biopharma Mesenchymal Stem Cell Infusion in Athens, Greece, and the Caribbean Island Antigua

About Vitro Biopharma: We inject locally or infuse intravenously mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from VBP, Vitro Biopharma in Golden, Colorado. They are cGMP, FDA registered, 9001 and 13485 internationally ISO certified lab and, in my opinion, produce the highest quality stem cells in the world. These are NOT fetal or embryonic. Rather ladies donate their umbilical cords post-term cesarean section deliveries. After testing the stem cells are isolated from the umbilical cord, expanded in culture, and cryopreserved at minus 196 degrees in liquid nitrogen. Every month our necessary quantity of cells are flown by a special courier under strict temperature control to Antigua where they continue to be stored in liquid nitrogen until they are ready for use.

Stem Cell Protocol: When a patient is ready for treatment in the medical surgical associates medical center in Antigua an IV is started. Then the stem cells for that patient are removed from their liquid nitrogen freezer and carefully thawed and drawn into a syringe in a laminar flow hood using strict sterile technique by an experienced member of our team. They are then ready for intravenous infusion or for local injection. Injections into joints are carried out by board-certified surgeon Chadwick Prodromos MD. Injections into the back, neck, or scalp are carried out by world-renowned pain specialist Ken Candido MD. Injections into the penis or pelvic floor are carried out by experienced urologist Adrian Rhudd.

Disorders Treated: The “What We Treat” page contains a list of the most common disorders we treat with an indication as to whether we treat with VBP MSCs, T-cell vaccine, or Effector Cells. For some disorders, there is more than one option.