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The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute Opens in Athens, Greece

The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute Opens in Athens, Greece

The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute is happy to announce the initiation of stem cell services on the Greek Riviera in the Athenian suburb of Glyfada.

As our stem cell initiative has grown in the beautiful Caribbean Island nation of Antigua, we have also heard from many patients from Europe and Asia for whom the trip to Antigua is challenging. We have therefore explored several options in points across the Atlantic where we could develop a stem cell treatment capability that would enable such patients to travel more easily for treatment. This is especially important for patients with significant physical disabilities who are in need of care.

Our criteria for a location for stem cell services across the Atlantic include a high-quality clinic with outstanding doctors, nurses, and staff and a location that is welcoming to patients in need of care. We also need a venue without regulatory prohibitions for our stem cell treatment. Ideally, our location would be a central transportation hub.

And whereas the FDA exerts monolithic control over stem cell treatment in the United States, countries in Europe and Asia present a patchwork of regulations with wide variability. Western European nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy have great healthcare systems but with specific advanced stem cell treatment prohibitions. Greece however does not have such prohibitions to our umbilical cord allogeneic stem cell treatment. It also has quite a sophisticated health infrastructure and is a transportation center with nonstop flights from all over Europe and much of Asia.

For this reason, we felt the greater Athens Metropolitan Area would be an ideal location. To that end, we explored many potential treatment partners before finally settling on the beautiful 10,000-square-foot Athens Beverly Hills Clinic in the Greek Riviera town of Glyfada. We treated our first patients there in February 2024.

Glyfada is located only seven miles southeast of downtown Athens, directly on the Aegean Sea. It has beautiful beaches, a variety of wonderful hotels, and upscale Rodeo Drive-like shopping boutiques. There are also economic hospitality alternatives within its borders and restaurants that present the great food and excellent value typical of Athenian eating establishments. It is also only a 25-minute taxi drive from the New Athens Airport.

Patients can easily receive treatment the day after arrival and leave the day after treatment to return home. However, it is also possible to come for treatment as part of a more extended Mediterranean holiday. To this end, patients can incorporate a trip to one of the Greek Islands immediately before or after treatment.

I travel to the center every three months to supervise treatment for complex patients. However, patients can travel to the center at any time to receive care which we can coordinate. We are able to provide the full spectrum of treatment including intravenous, intra-articular (joints), back/neck, face, hair, erectile dysfunction, and intra-nasal injections for neural disorders. We provide treatment for anti-aging, arthritis, autism, auto-immune, neurodegenerative, sports injuries, and many others. All patients are part of a clinical trial and are followed up regularly after treatment. The results of treatment are published in good medical journals.

Our ongoing clinical research is yielding ever-improving treatment outcomes and new advances in treatment are being regularly developed. We have had complete safety of treatment with good efficacy. Our care in Athens will build on this record of success.

We look forward to the opportunity to be able to serve a wider patient population with this new initiative. We can be reached at 847-699-6810 or


Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group

96 Leoforos Vouliagmenis,

16676, Glyfada, Greece